A soul-searching song for those who seek answers in their life...

This song leads you to the ultimate answer we all are seeking for...


The first ever gathering in flesh of P@22O members happened on Jan 17, 2018! Members from various countries met together in Manila to have an outreach in San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Aged spearheaded by brother Anton Aquino. It was such a blessing to see the members touching the lives of the seniors in the home. They were prayed over and souls were won for the Lord. 

Deacon Anton Aquino's New Composition


Deacon Antonio Aquino's " Siksik At Liglig "




Are you a gift, a privilege or a bait that lures me like a temptress.

You are supposed to be a heaven sent that should make me holy and upright.

A gift from the almighty that even angels have.  Yet the most beautiful

messenger abused you to his favor that turned out to be his nightmare.

Are you sinner or saint, a friend or a bad influence that corrupts good morals.

Will you lead me to the right route or detour me on the left otherside?

Given the liberty to choose from what is right to wrong, 

But how can I drive you if you are difficult to handle.

Clamor for freedom is over-pouring and in demand to mankind.

From young to old, rich and poor, learned and not.

Why do I have you, if all I wanted is to live simply pure, taintless from evil.

Present from all decisions chosen and waiting for actions I will undertake.

What is your clear purpose or you have hidden agendas to boot.

Why are you journeying with me in this fallen paradise?

Please be good to me as I only live once, let your ally carry and lead me

to where I can visibly and audibly sense and to magnify the highest & supreme!



When you follow Jesus, your life will get into changes

Because theres something  you can feel in your heart,like a candle that get melts

And thats the beginning you can say it to your self, i need to repent

But you can olny do that when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and no one else

Dont you ever know my dear frends, a life that Jesus is the center

Is trully great amazing,that every day of your life you can feel better

No matter what circumtances will come

You wont be able  to called as a looser

Because if you are a child of God

Through Jesus Christ,you will always be the winner

In this world there is a lot of temptation

If you dont have Jesus Christ in your life 

You can just easily decieve by satan’s actions

That is why we need Jesus  Christ for our salvation

And we will be save  when time comes  of  the great tribulation

Fallowing Jesus Christ will lead us to a meaningful life

As he said in john 14:6, i am the way the truth and  the life

No one comes to the father except through me am i right?

Just beleive and trust him fully with all your heart and might

My life before when i dont have yet Jesus in my heart

I used to fight  knowing that i am always right

Because i have that ego or the one they are saying a high pride

But it changes everything when i received as my Lord and savior

Jesus Christ

Now, my life is a living testimony

For i really had experience of Gods works and showed me his mercy

He lifted me up and open doors of heaven and give me an opportunity

He sees nothing  wrong in my past for Jesus paid all my debts at the cross of calvary



Laid on the floor of a house bruised with tribulations, tears and sorrows, trying to regain from last breathe and avoiding the abyss of darkness and the wilderness of the great chasm.

There I found a body with another in the womb left by their gods and angels mourned by two sobbing innocents.

Beaten heavily by her second-half, who turned to be her calvary.

Heart still beating and waving for justice and peace, hungered by love and mercy.

While passing the cross-over of pain and solitude, with avenging heart yearning for immediate change clinging on her own. Relying on her abilities travelled the other side of the earth and faced mountains of sacrifices and rivers of tears. Away from her cherished blessings and picturing them from the kids under her motherly care.

Decades passed, feelings remained the same, still the same body laid on the floor. Battered no more, yet, pain and affliction continuously run in her veins. Ligaments still torn, not united; moreso the mind and soul. Tried medicine of men and herbs of nature, still trapped in an empty heart and solitude of life rules.

Till a tiny voice was heard, trying to discern the meaning of the connection, this time not on her terms.  Surrendered by it the voice grows louder till the purpose of life became clear. Accepted Jesus as her saviour and redeemer, the God of all grace. Strongly holding on her faith, things began to change sorrows became cheers, now filled with love, hope and inspirations. The Annie helplessly laid on the floor is now the Annie soaring high with Jesus!