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Watch as Evangelist Valerie Parker Gilchrist testifies about the power of prayer in Jesus' Mighty Name!!!


As written, "I was blind but now I see!", that's how Eden life is. Before she joined P@22O ministry, she was leading people in false teachings in the Bible thinking that her own wisdom will suffice. Little did she know that the Lord will take her out of darkness into the light and see that indeed the truth shall set her free!


Marlyn Cabutotan from Saudi Arabia testifies how the Grace of God freed her from the chains of condemnation!


Ms Laila Kumar of India testifies about how God can clear our minds from negativity!


Lhiz Magtalapa was looking for a work in Macau when she ended up losing hope. Watch how God gave her the desire of her heart simply by trusting and believing that there is nothing impossible with Him!


Ms Leony Soto of China testifies how God can turn a lion into lamb!


Ms Jocelyn Layosa of Saudi Arabia learned how to get genuine forgiveness through the Grace of Jesus Christ!


Ms Helen Resoles of Taiwan testifies about the healing she received in Jesus' Mighty Name!


Maricel Malvy of Hong Kong " Conviction Of The Holy Spirit "

I used to attend church but never had a relationship with the Lord. I was what you can call just a church attender. Then one day, I was invited by a friend to attend an online bible study. I felt convicted each time I attend the bible study until I came to really know the Lord. One time, I even felt the strong sense of the Holy Spirit in me that I suddenly spoke in tongues which I had never done before. I realized how the Lord wants me to give up the wrong things in my life and pursue what is right. Firstly would be my husband and family. As I worked here in Hong Kong I have separated from my husband and now, the Lord is helping me to make amends with him. I am hopeful that I will see the day when my marriage is again restored and that I will continue to live under His grace in my life.


Elizabeth Pasilan of Saudi Arabia - " Ask Seek Knock "

I have no day off in my current job and because of this, I also could not attend church to my dismay. Thankfully I came across Patotoo Online Ministry through a friend who told me about the ministry's daily bible studies. I am thankful for the ministry because my hunger for God's Word gets satisfied through the meetings that we have online. Even if I cannot access a physical church, my interaction with the brethren online helps me feel that I am still involved in a church that blesses me spiritually. I thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness. Ask, Seek and Knock (A.S.K.) and truly the Lord will give what you need.


Eden Torres Bebit Of Egypt - " I Was Blind But Now Can See "

Where does a blind man go? Nowhere. I was a spiritually blinded woman for 15 years. I was made to believe that I can just go up to the pulpit and preach whenever I wanted. That was my preaching set up. No mentor. No guidance. No study at all! I just preach based on my own understanding and the people around me loved it that way. No training. No one stops me. No one cares whether I will be accountable to God on what I am doing. Until one day I checked myself. I am not progressing spiritually at all! In my dismay, I prayed to God to show me the way to be closer to Him telling him that I wanted to know Him more and more. Then I met P@22O Online Ministry. I felt rebuked in one of Pastor Irwin's Bible Study when he said, " How will a blind person lead another blind? " I know that he was not intentionally referring to me but the message struck the core of my heart. I felt that it was so meant for me!  I then cried and condemned myself after hearing that but Pastor Irwin reached out to me and talked to me. He asked me if he can mentor me. I was so surprised as I thought he is going to condemn me in what I was doing but rather he showed me the way on how to do it properly. He introduced to an online Institute ( Christian Leaders Institute ) where I can study Theology and acquire trainings that I can use if I wanted to serve God. With the guidance that I am getting from CLI and of course from P@22O, I know that I am no more a spiritually blinded woman but now a servant of God! I am now serving in P@22O Online Ministry as a Deaconess with all my heart. Thank You Jesus for showing me the way. Jesus' grace opened my eyes widely. I can see clearly now that the old me has gone and the new me has come! I was blind but now can see.


Lorna Dumindin of Taiwan - " Lion To Lamb "

My life has been greatly changed since I joined Patotoo Online Ministry. I no longer feel easily angered. I seem to have toned down without effort or trying hard on my part. I believe that listening to the Word of God every weekday has a way of molding me to the kind of person that God wanted me to be. And the changes are amazingly manifested even in my family. As I am overseas working to support my family, I have a strained relationship with my son who sadly did not show respect to me. But praise the Lord because He can work in my family as well because I saw the change in my son who became respectful to me and sincerely showed his regret for disrespecting me before. I do not know what caused him to change. All I know is that God is at work in my life and in my family! Praise Jesus!


Marlina Yabut Fernando of Taiwan - " I Found Jesus "

All I have is the deepest of gratitude for belonging to Patotoo Online Ministry. The Ministry enabled me to know that Jesus is Lord and He is most willing to be my savior. I learn more about Him and His ways through our almost every day online meetings studying the Bible together and praying for each other. Even as I am abroad, I feel that I belong to a family and indeed I do, as my sisters and brothers in Christ continue to encourage me to get deeper in my relationship with the Lord. Our Pastor Irwin is truly a blessing to me for I genuinely see his concern and love for all of us. He always encourages us to walk in faith and see Jesus in our everyday contemporary lives. Truly, I have changed for the better and I only have the Lord Jesus Christ, through this Ministry, to thank for.


Daisy Moya of the Philippines - " Pessimist To Optimist "

All my daughter's efforts to invite me to attend the online bible studies of this Patotoo Online Ministry seemed to be in vain at first. I was adamant in getting involved in online activities because it had a stigma attached to it. What with all online gaming/betting/porn/illegal activities lurking around! As a regular church goer, I felt that that is the only way to go about pleasing God. But He changed my mind about this ministry when I had first hand experience of it during a difficult time. I was having a serious problem with a relative then and I had no one to turn to at the time. The Lord led me to think about the counselling services of Patotoo Online Ministry and praise the Lord because through Pastor Irwin, my perspective was aligned with the Lord's perfect will for me in that particular situation. The problem became an opportunity for me to see how God can work in the seemingly mundane things of our everyday life. To cut the story short, that problem got resolved when I realized who I was in the sight of God. That I am loved by Him and all things work out for good for me. I did not need to be afraid because of Him. From then on, I started attending the Bible studies of Patotoo and I have been truly blessed with the spiritual blessings that I received from the Lord. I now encourage believers who want to redeeem their time and this online media for the Lord's glory. Do not be limited by tradition and buildings. In our technological world, we as Christians must use this instrument to reach others for Christ. Truly, the Lord can use even this online vessel to reveal His grace and love for all of us.


Gina Mina of Kuwait - " Miles Away? No Way! "

The most difficult part of being a mother is when you are far away from your children. That when your children are sick, you cannot do anything for them. That you are taking care of someone's children but you cannot take care of yours. That is the reality of a mother working abroad and miles away from her loved ones. Unfortunately, I'm one of those mothers who are sacrificing working abroad just to provide for the sustenance of their family. My husband called me one night and told me that he was taking our son to the hospital. There, my son was diagnosed with Dengue virus and I was crying as I cannot do anything for him. I am so blessed  because I've been attending P@22O Online Ministry for such a time as that. If I were not, I would have been into deep trouble. I immediately sent a message  to Pastor Irwin and told him about my concerns. I was also not feeling well that time due to my hypertension. I was crying but Pastor told me to be still as Jesus Is in control. That I need to believe that Jesus Is not limited by time and space. That Jesus can heal my son instantly! All I need to do is to believe in Jesus' mighty name. The ministry prayed for me and Pastor asked me to call my husband as my son is already healed in Jesus' mighty name just right after our prayer. When I called my husband, it was my son who answered the call and told me that he is already fine!!! Truly there is power in Jesus Name! So if the enemy is telling you that you are miles away from your family, remind yourself that Jesus Is saying " No way! There are no miles away from me and I will stay right there with your family for you! "


Leony Escobar Soto Of China - " The Old Me Has Gone And The New Has Come "

I am most grateful to the Lord for bringing me to Patotoo Online Ministry. If anyone sees me now, they can tell the difference in my life as I have learned to seek peace with people and care for them instead of just fighting for what I want. I have realized that with the love the Lord Jesus had shown to me when He gave His life for me, I felt the assurance of salvation that I have in Him and that even with the past rejections and discouragements I had in life, I am always accepted by Jesus. I keep on loving Him more as I learn about Him more each day we have our Bible study sessions led by our Pastor. I praise the Lord and I truly want to be used by Him for His glory!!!


Julia Cadimas of the Philippines - " God's Timing, Not Mine "

I have a son who had a vehicular accident for more than half a year now. Because of that accident, he was unable to walk and was confined to the wheel chair. Several costly sessions of  therapy were made yet nothing had changed despite the medical attention provided him. Being his mother, I was hurting and questioning why it had to happen to my son.  My faith to God grew stronger when I joined Patotoo Online Ministry only last June 8. On that day itself Pastor Irwin, prayed over me and released the blessings from Jesus Christ. From then on, I am a regular attendee among other senior citizens coming for the Friday church service of this unique ministry which is overflowing with grace and mercy. It is fulfilling to my spirituality every time I am attending it. The ministry helped me reaffirm my faith causing me to continue believing that my God our Father will heal my son in His time. True enough, last July 19, my son was able to stand and slowly began to walk. Praise God for this miracle!!!


Emilia Badere of the Philippines - " The Divine Nature Of God "

I am Emi, 76 years old and my body feels like a candle slowly deteriorating because of several medical conditions in my body. Out of nowhere last June 15,  I got an invitation that there is a meetup for prayer and healing in my brother's house. Despite my aching body and difficulty in walking, I was determined to attend because I was seeking for healing from God. I believe that only God can heal me and no other men except Jesus Christ, the great healer. On that same night, Pastor Irwin laid his hands on me and even as he was overseas and was able to do it online, the experience proved that the Lord is indeed God of space. Distance was immaterial as Pastor Irwin prayed over me. With faith in God, such prayer healing brought wellness on my body. My body has been renewed and I no longer feel the same way. My strength comes from the Lord and since then, I have decided to regularly attend Patotoo Online Church satellite every Friday. I am blessed to be part of this ministry where we continue to praise, worship and thank the One True God who blessed me with healing.


Rosario Zapa of the Philippines - " My Husband, My Churchmate "

I am Sis Rose. I have been a Christian for many many years now yet my husband did not share the same faith. My husband is a very good person it seems but he is close-minded when it comes to my Christian faith. I had been praying to God to touch him to embrace the truth and not tradition. It breaks my heart whenever I imagine how we are united as one at home yet every time we go to church, we are separated. Then one day through an invite of our fellow Christian neighbor, they went to Cardona Rizal in Laguna de bay for a church satellite service of Patotoo Online Ministry. I immediately noticed that something had changed in him. I began to ask what is in Patotoo Online ministry. On the following Friday (29th June) I attended and to my amazement my husband attended the service with me. On that Friday service, Pastor Irwin laid his hands on me and prayed for me sharing his discernment about me. He said that I already received my prayer request. I vividly remember crying as I  poured out my thanksgiving to God Almighty coz finally my husband is now a fellow believer and that the longest yearning in my heart for my husband to be a Christian attending Bible Studies, fellowships and praising God beside me has now indeed become a reality. Praise be to God!!!


Lina Badere of the Philippines - " Experiencing Jesus Alone "

My husband who's a stroke patient for almost 5 years now was having high fever then for two consecutive days. That Friday was our third time attending the satellite church service of Patotoo Online Ministry.  I tried to sit my husband up during the prayer for healing led by our Pastor Irwin. Even before that specific prayer was over, I felt his fever already starting to subside.

And truly when the prayer was done, my husband had been relieved of that high fever right there and then. I couldn't help whispering to my sister-in-law, who sat just beside me, "<see, Manang Emy, Berardo's temperature has gone normal."> I observed him from that moment on. The fever that had manifested my husband for two days then never came back. 

I recall that the day before that satellite service, our family was already planning to take him to his doctor. We were suspecting it might be a symptom of some other serious ailment. We just didn't want to bring him to the hospital because for sure, he will be admitted and there might catch some other hospital infections that can make things worse. 

I firmly believe that Jesus at that very moment healed my husband. I told my husband, "Pray to thank Jesus even from your deepest thoughts (His stroke also deprived him of the capability to speak.)" That fever never recurred. 

Thanks to the Power and Glory of Jesus. His Mighty Name is truly powerful. He is Emmanuel and we feel Him with us, now and forever. There's nothing impossible to our Lord Jesus Christ. We firmly believe that my husband, Berardo, can fully recuperate and transform back to normal from his half body paralysis through our Lord Jesus in His Mighty name. AMEN.

That was just the first part to my story!

Personally, I have been suffering on and off extreme pain on my lower extremities for the past three weeks. 

In fact, I had already consulted a doctor in a nearby clinic. The laboratory tests came out all clear and I was just given a prescription of symptomatic medications for my pain. I took the said medications immediately when I reached home. It brought me relief somehow but the next day, the pain became more severe. 

I thought that since the medications just provided temporary relief, I decided to stop taking the pain relievers. I rarely get sick  and experience this kind of extreme pain and as such, this particular ailment is quite foreign to me. Of course, I prayed that Jesus will heal me and at the same time, I resorted to application of herbal ointments and hot compresses instead of the pain killers. Nearby folks who had similar symptoms were the ones who advised me on how to ease the pain but none really worked.

And then Friday came. Before I sat in front of the TV set for our online satellite church service, I was in great pain again that I almost cannot walk straight. I had to carefully sit down and assume a position of comfort to alleviate the pain. It was there when I had a prompting to pray, "Jesus, I  humbly invoke You to heal me absolutely because I know You alone are the source of healing. LORD JESUS CHRIST, THANK YOU!"

At that instant, I felt no pain not even the slightest. I could not contain my joy! Later on, I noticed that I have a sensation of heaviness on my lower abdomen but the experience taught me that these lying symptoms have no power over me as I am a child of God. Jesus having died on the cross to pay for all my sicknesses can absolutely heal me. I am comforted by this fact hence I believe that this heaviness too will subside soon. JESUS is my Healer!


Sandy Catalan Cañaceli of Saudi Arabia - "New Creation in Christ"

I was intrigued when I noticed changes in my friend's life. She seemed to have joy and really have changed for the better. She then invited me to join the online bible study she was attending and there I discovered why she changed. There I found the Lord and accepted Jesus as my savior. He changed me as well. I learned how to submit to authority. Where I used to fight back at my employer, I learned to be still and let the Lord fight for me. Even my employer noticed the change in me. I learned how to forgive and be true to myself. The daily bible study fed my spiritual hunger. I consider Pastor Irwin as my mentor. He truly has a golden heart as he is being used by the Lord as an instrument in sharing His Word. I also was richly blessed to belong to P@22O family as I felt loved here and discovered true friends for life. To God be the glory!


Marilyn Cabutotan of Saudi Arabia "Freedom from self-condemnation"

I used to attend church but never had a relationship with the Lord. I was what you can call just a church attender. Then one day, I was invited by a friend to attend an online bible study. I felt convicted each time I attend the bible study until I came to really know the Lord. One time, I even felt the strong sense of the Holy Spirit in me that I suddenly spoke in tongues which I had never done before. I realized how the Lord wants me to give up the wrong things in my life and pursue what is right. Firstly would be my husband and family. As I worked here in Hong Kong I have separated from my husband and now, the Lord is helping me to make amends with him. I am hopeful that I will see the day when my marriage is again restored and that I will continue to live under His grace in my life.

Yna Estacio's Forgiving Heart - Philippines

Anton Aquino's Freedom from Bondage of Condemnation - Kuwait

Anton Aquino's Freedom from Bondage of Condemnation - Kuwait


 " It was the darkest moment in my life. I had nobody to talk to. I had a few friends but telling them my story over and over made me feel much worse. I ended up getting tired of it and decided to just keep everything to myself. However, I felt more depressed thinking that the only way out is to end my life.    Then came P@220. I had no idea what P@220 ministry was. I heard about Jesus through this ministry led by Pastor Irwin. It was just timely for my situation and initially; I thought that I could get through it all by simply believing His presence. But as I listened to God’s Word through our Bible studies, I realized that there are a lot of things that I still do not understand. God’s Word spoke to me and touched my life in the most practical way. I was struggling with forgiving someone who broke my heart and it was through our Bible study on forgiveness that made me release forgiveness to that person. The Holy Spirit controlled me and gave me freedom that I have never experienced before. He gave me strength and changed my perception in life. Even though I have to say that all the anger, pain, sorrow and disappointment are not totally gone, I am confident that I will get to that point very soon. With the guidance of my P@220 family, I know that sin and its consequences will not have dominion over me. I am now a new creation in Christ filled with hope and assurance that nothing is impossible when God is with us. It was only through Him that I find the courage to move on. With Him, I have found complete peace of mind. I feel so blessed that I have found new friends whom I can also call my family. And I would like to thank Pastor Irwin Noriega for leading us; most of all for listening to me and praying over me. With my P@220 family, I feel that I am not alone anymore. Life is a continuous battle but I know that with Jesus in my life now, I can rest and need not worry at all. " 

Anton Aquino's Freedom from Bondage of Condemnation - Kuwait

Anton Aquino's Freedom from Bondage of Condemnation - Kuwait

Anton Aquino's Freedom from Bondage of Condemnation - Kuwait


 It was a Friday morning on Feb 26, 2016 when my son (Angelo Luis) and I accepted Jesus Christ to be in the center of our lives. It was a very important day in my life when I received and heard the Holy Gospel and eventually accepted Acts 2:38.  Indeed there is proper and right timing when God touches our hearts. When that time comes, we know we are called and destined to serve and follow God. Our journey in seeking God’s righteousness begins. A certain Christian group located in the country where I’m working in helped bring out the new me and paved the way in aiming for 360° changes in my lifestyle, my attitude, and character. I have proclaimed the Gospel to other souls (especially the elders) and helped bring them to the Christian world and be baptized. I have used my house to be a God’s place in hearing His words through our Bible Study every Monday.   Apparently, the spirit of Sinbalath really does exist in this fallen earth and can infiltrate anywhere not sparing even Christian groups. I had seen the in and out operation of the Christian group where I was in at the time. To my dismay, I have encountered workers and leaders condemning other members of the church, borrowing money from one another, selling items by installment, engaging into unlawful relationships, pretentions, attending bible study just because of the food being served and disrespecting/judging others without due and proper investigation.    Realizing that it required me to read, understand and comply with the said group’s By-Laws, it took me 16 months to decide to join as a worker, telling myself to focus on God and not on men. My desire to sing for the Lord has always been there. I had been singing religious songs in SMULE apps and my friends convinced me to join the music ministry. Excitement and joy filled my heart on the day of my audition. However, last July 14th when I was being interviewed by the music ministry leader, I started to experience condemnation. Thinking that it might be a sort of an initiation, I got worried and confused with the humiliation I experienced during the interview. Fear was still with me while delivering the two songs to pass the audition. However, God saved me from that fear and I was able to pass the audition with the agreement to be on probation till I have completed the 15 days of practice. In the midst of attending the Wednesday and Friday psalmist practices, I have observed and seen striking differences of this group from professional chorale singers. Unruly jokes and offending remarks were there and inside of me, I disagreed on such things. I started to be bitter and doubtful of the group, I began to be absent for couple of weeks. One leader approached and told me “I am concerned about your soul Bro. Anton, and please come back as there will be a training on how to be a preacher.” With the fear the leader had delivered and for my peace of mind and soul I attended again the weekly church service. And on the day of the training last August 11th, as I was heading to the training place, I was asked to go out as our Pastor needs to talk to me first. Thus, I waited in the lobby area of the training place but the pastor did not come to see me. Instead, two leaders approached me and brought me to another room for a meeting. They told me that according to our pastor, I cannot be allowed to study the Word of God and to be trained as a preacher because I have not completed my music ministry probationary period.  With a heavy heart, I went home feeling rejected. As days and weeks passed, I experienced the seed of bitterness starting to grow in me bringing sadness in my heart. The impact of how the two leaders delivered the rejection on my desire to know God’s Word made me start to doubt the preaching I heard every Friday church service. I eventually ended up not attending the service anymore and left the Christian group last September 27.   It was again a Friday on September 8 while I was absent in the church service when I approached my cousin and asked him about his SMULE group called P@220. Before this, I had seen in him happiness while singing and contentment in that SMULE group which is why I asked him if I could join the group. At first I thought it was a group whose aim is to just sing Christian songs until he told me that they are holding a daily online bible study. As bitterness had grown in me and the feeling of being suppressed on knowing God’s Word, I was delighted and even more excited as the Bible Study is held daily by this group. It was September 14 when I was added in the group by Sister Nicole and the following day September 15 was my first day to hear how the Bible Study is being delivered in P@220 (Patotoo) ministry or Grace Contemporary Life. The Bible Study is from 11 PM till 1 AM. Despite the struggle in the timing, I find it fulfilling. I am yearning for the Word of God and even became more enlightened as Pastor Irwin, who created this ministry, explains verses in a very detailed manner, with all his heart and applies it to our current daily lives.    My household and close friends had noticed changes on the manner I communicate with them as I am applying what I have been learning from the daily bible study. Every morning before going to work, I am talking to my mother and discussing the verses I have learned and shared the revelations of the Holy Spirit about the verses with one another.  It’s a different bonding between my mother and I wherein we are talking about the verses in the bible and not about money or problems that we used to dwell in. This time whenever a problem arises, I don’t immediately react and try hard to solve it. I now seek God and tell him about the problem. After a few hours, the problem is gone.    Then one night last September 26 as we are holding the Bible Study, Pastor Irwin, who is gifted with discernment from the Holy Spirit, suddenly told me to free myself from bondage. That was a one liner phrase that made me realize to end the bitterness in my heart brought by the past experiences I had with my previous Christian group. One leader from the said group had even told me that I am on the sinking stage and my hand is just held on by the Monday Bible Study which I still allow to be held in my house (aka my “saving grace” according to this leader). Many of them had convinced me not to close the Bible Study in the house. Keeping on with the Bible Study in my house was not without cost to me as I see that I had to keep a bigger house (with a bigger rental fee). Moreover, my heart is not in it anymore brought about by my experiences with this Christian group. Yet I still dreaded to close it as I feared that if I close the Bible Study in my house, God will punish me.   Through the message I received from Pastor Irwin on September 27 freeing me from this fear, I talked to my leader and bid farewell to the group. Till this very day none among them had approached nor exerted any effort to see me. Instead, they again condemned me by announcing to their members that if they will leave the group they need to go to the correct doctrine and not to any other Christian group teaching the wrong doctrine. And they deleted me in the group chat and took back the guitar they had entrusted for the Bible Study.    Bidding farewell from that group had freed me from bondage. All my fears and worries are now gone. The joy that P@220 ministry had brought in my life is truly different and unexplainable. Pastor Irwin had asked me to start studying online at Christian Leaders Institute. God answered my clamor to be used and to be of better service to Him. As we seek God on a daily basis, the Holy Spirit is always there. I have introduced three of my close friends to join the P@220  ministry. All along I thought God gifted me only with voice and having no background in composing music, I was amazed that just recently (through the guidance of the Holy Spirit), I was able to compose a Tagalog praise song with a nice melody. The song focuses on what  prayer is all about and how to pray to God in a way that pleases Him. This is based on one of Pastor Irwin’s lecture in our daily Bible Study.   In P@220 ministry, other than studying the Bible, we share and learn from each other’s testimonies which make us more united and caring for one another even if we are from different parts of the world (France, Israel, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines). We pray for one another (acting as prayer warriors) and in no time we will be growing and becoming leaders in serving God and proclaiming the Gospel.  With the testimonies of the members, we can say that GOD’s grace and mercy are upon those who are TRULY seeking GOD’s righteousness (Jesus Christ).       

Princess Obligar's Healing by Faith - Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Anton Aquino's Freedom from Bondage of Condemnation - Kuwait

Princess Obligar's Healing by Faith - Riyadh Saudi Arabia


Thanks be to God for giving me another answered prayer yesterday (Nov 16, 2017). My daughter Princess had been having fever for a few days already and we were getting worried about possible dengue fever infection. Right after Pastor Irwin prayed over her online, I was advised by Pastor to call back home immediately to check on her. I was wondering if prayer works that fast but I just did what he instructed me to do. To my surprise, I found out that Princess just felt better around the time we prayed over her. In fact, she felt so much better that she was able to join a school performance. What more, she was awarded with best performance for the said event. Praise God! He truly is good and faithful in answering our prayers. He is our healer!!!

Maria Olegario's Healing Testimony - Kuwait

Susan Pineda's Freed from Corruption of Mind - Taiwan

Princess Obligar's Healing by Faith - Riyadh Saudi Arabia


This is my personal testimony on God’s healing of my neck mass. I had been seeing a doctor regarding this problem for some time now. My doctor even advised me that surgical operation is likely one of the things that I have to undergo in the treatment of this neck mass. Like everyone else, I am scared to go under the knife but if it is necessary for me to get well, I will do it. I have no choice. But the Lord has a better plan. Praise Jesus! In Patotoo ministry, I was prayed over by Pastor Irwin and Patotoo family and an amazing thing happened. I felt God’s healing upon me right there and then. On my next visit to my doctor, I was asked if I took a medicine for my condition but I did not. The doctor was puzzled and surprised that the mass could not be found anymore and I was told that I do not have to go through surgery anymore! Praise be to God! He is my healer. 

Ellen Garcia's Grace Testimony - Israel

Susan Pineda's Freed from Corruption of Mind - Taiwan

Susan Pineda's Freed from Corruption of Mind - Taiwan

I have already decided to take my life that day. I do not know why I even bothered to listen to this pastor who apparently found out about my plan through a friend. He even told me to give him just 5 minutes and if I still want to push through with my plan, I can go ahead. I was intrigued about what he just said. As I listened to Pastor Irwin, I felt different and I felt how God loves me. I decided not to take my life anymore. As the days go by, I saw how Jesus manifested His grace and wonder in my life both spiritually and practically. My marriage was crumbling then but I learned to forgive my husband and we reconciled not long after. We are now both attending the daily bible studies led by Pastor Irwin. Next miracle was about my work visa. The Lord once again answered my prayer of renewing my visa and work with a good employer. I could not say enough thanks to His goodness upon us. Truly Jesus is alive and at work even now in our lives!!!

Susan Pineda's Freed from Corruption of Mind - Taiwan

Susan Pineda's Freed from Corruption of Mind - Taiwan

Susan Pineda's Freed from Corruption of Mind - Taiwan


".... I was freed from corruption of mind. I learned not to engage or entertain negative thoughts as it will affect not just the way I think but the way I live... "


" Seek and you will find " by Jannah Allipro - Hong Kong

I had a revelation from G0d saying "I let you do whatever you want to do. Isn't it time for you to consider mine? "

I'm Lorena Orpilla, 33 years 0ld and I just want to share my testimony on h0w G0d transformed me int0 a new creation since I joined P@22O Online Ministry. 

A Christian for 3 years, blessed with a loving family and 3 wonderful kids, surrounded by loving friends and a very supportive employer here in Hong Kong.

Despite having all this wonderful attributes, I felt like there is something that is lacking.

I seek God deeper and even took 2 courses from my church to deepen my knowledge about Jesus but still something is missing.

Until one day I encountered my previous christian friend thru online and her name is Sis Leonine. We had an awesome conversation about our faith until she asked me to join an Online Bible Study conducted by P@22o Online Ministry.

I did not hesitate to join and excitedly said yes to it!

On the first Bible Study, I was amazed on how God touched my heart. It was an amazing feeling that it looks like God is talking to me directly!

Then the second Bible Study topic is about condemnation and guilt. This is where my eyes were opened.

After the Bible Study, I couldn't barely eat as if there is something blocking my throat.

Guilt, shame and condemnation attacked me. Telling me " How could you? " "How dare you? " I was not feeling okay that day until I decided to call Pastor Irwin of P@22O Online Ministry which conducted the Bible Study I've attended.

He told me about Romans 6:14 " Sin will no longer control you like a master. That’s because the law does not rule you. God’s grace has set you free." He told me that sin have no dominion over me and that Jesus Christ paid every single debt that I owed on the cross.

Then he told me about Romans 8:1 " Those who belong to Christ Jesus are no longer under God’s judgment."

Exactly that time the moment I heard about those verse, I was freed from the chains of condemnation!!! 

2 Corinthians 5:17 says "  When anyone lives in Christ, the new creation has come. The old is gone! The new is here! 

I am a new creation without guilt and shame through Jesus' grace!!!

Thank You Jesus for your Grace!!!

Now I am the Ministry Coordinator of P@22O Online Ministry and will keep on moving forward for the greater glory of God!!!!


" No more condemnation!!! " by Nhidha Borquillo Zamora Arellano - Saudi Arabia

I was condemning myself all my life to the mistakes I did before. It always hunts me down wherever I go. My past mistakes always tells me that I am not worthy to be called a child of God and that I believe that God hates me so much because of those mistakes.

One day, my best friend from Hong Kong asked me if I want to join an online ministry. I was hesitant at first as I thought that God really hates me. But I was completely wrong!

Our Pastor told us that God's love is far more greater than all of the sins of the world combined together! That He gave up His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save us from all of our sins.

After that, I was completely freed from the chains of condemnation from I am now a new creation in Christ Jesus and in Him, there is no condemnation!!! Thank You Jesus!!!


Noleta Omana's Freed from 15 years bondage from Homosexuality - Malaysia

" I was invited to join P@22O Ministry's Bible Study and I was amazed on how much Jesus loves me.

Knowing that Jesus loves me unconditionally and in Him there's no condemnation, Grace freed me from the bond of homosexuality for 15 long years! 

I don't know what had happen but when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, all those habits of mine suddenly has gone! Praise Jesus!!! "


Lorna Corpuz's Testimony from Hot-Tempered to Even-Tempered - Israel

" After I joined P@22O Ministry, my husband noticed the changes in my behaviour from hot tempered to even-tempered. I recalled my husband telling me that where is the tiger in me? The tiger became a lamb because of Jesus' Grace. Praise God!!! " 


Nicole Gomez's Testimony - Bahrain

" I"m one of the 3 individuals who started P@22O Ministry and I'm so amazed on how God expanded this blessed Ministry from 3 to 80 members in just a short period of time. Truly Jesus Is amazing!!! "


Cely Reyes' Tradition to Relationship - Taiwan

" I learned in our P@22O Bible Study that there is no religion that could save me. Having a relationship with Jesus guarantees my salvation. Now my eyes are wide opened by the grace of God! " 

" Power in Jesus' Mighty Name " by Luz Jordan - Bahrain

I scheduled a counselling session with Pastor Irwin and two of his leaders ( Bro Anton and Sis Nicole )

It was an overwhelming session as I was sharing my problem with my husband who had been gone astray.

He was no where to be found and my family and I are wondering where he is.

Rumours about my husband's womanzing are spreading all over our place. I was mentally and emotionally imbalanced.

At the end of our counselling session, Pastor Irwin told me to rebuke satan in Jesus' mighty name. At first I was kinda smiling and Pastor Irwin told me not to take the rebuke lightly.

He asked me to rebuke satan with boldness. Knowing that I am a child of God, I rebuked satan with boldness using the mighty name of Jesus!!!

The following morning, my husband came back and it is a miracle!!!!

Truly there is a mighty power behind Jesus name!!!


" Jesus restored my health " by John Goco - The Philippines

We never have to beg God to answer our prayers. He is an awesome God full of Grace!

On the 26th of December 2017, I was diagnosed with a stone in my kidney. I was so shocked to have had known the medical result from the doctor. I was so afraid of what's gonna happen next.

I told my mother about it and it so happen that she is in a ministry ( P@22O Ministry ) and she told me that she will include me in their prayers.

She asked me to join their Bible Study via zoom which was held from Mondays to Fridays at 4:00 am SGT and without any hesitation, I did complied and joined them.

I did not even finished the Bible Study and Pastor Irwin just messaged me to relax and that they will pray for me. He told me to keep the faith and start believing that Jesus will definitely heal me.

January 09, 2018 when I was diagnosed again and we were all shocked!!! The findings says that there's no trace of stone that could be found in my kidney and that my kidneys are normal!

This is a miracle! I did not even do a thing but yet Jesus is gracious to me and healed me!!! It is by His grace that I was healed! I don't deserve it but still Jesus healed me!

Jesus not only restored my health, He also restored my faith in Him and that is what matters most!!!

Thank you Jesus, thank you Mommy Marlina and thank you P@22O family! To God be the glory!!!


" From doubt to Faith " by Leonine Domingo - Bahrain

I was invited by a friend to attend an online Bible Study. 

At first I was hesitant and doubted that this online ministry is just one of those misleading ministries that are scattered everywhere in the net.

Because of friendship, I attended. I am not interested at first. My light was off and I don't even bother to listen to what Pastor Irwin is saying. I just want my friend to see me attending but in my heart, I am not interested.

Few days had passed and I was just a listener. Then one day I asked the Lord to give me a sign whether this online ministry is genuine or fake one.

That very night I had a dream. I saw a vision that there's an overflowing water from heaven flowing non stop. Beneath this water are few people receiving the water through their hands.

God told me that this is the ministry that I was invited! Only few people believe and the rest are in doubt!

I was so amazed by that dream! The following day, I turned on my light and listen to what Pastor Irwin is preaching and that very day when I listened to him preaching, I felt peace and joy in my heart!

Truly Jesus opened my eyes and converted my doubtful heart into a heart filled of faith on Him!

Thank you Jesus for transforming my doubtful heart to Faithful heart for You!